USS Fletcher DDE-445 Chronology 1954

A summary transcribed from the original deck logs by Commander Robert McCurley, USN retired


U.S.S Fletcher (DDE 445) with CDR Claude S. Farmer as Commanding Officer was berthed at Mike One in Pearl Harbor, Oahu, T. H. outboard of U.S.S. O’Bannon (DDE 450) as the year began 1 Jan, 1954.

Monday January 4, Fletcher proceeded to West Loch, Pearl Harbor and took on ammunition, then returned to Mike One. O’Bannon moored alongside outboard.

Tuesday  5 January, O’Bannon and then Fletcher got underway and proceeded to the submarine operating area south of Oahu, T.H. Fletcher conducted exercises with U.S.S. Besugo (SS119) Fletcher lost one unarmed MK 6 depth charge over the side during the exercise. Fletcher then returned to berth M1 to take on fuel and fresh water.  O’Bannon moored outboard of Fletcher.

Wednesday 6 January, O’Bannon and Fletcher got underway. They proceeded to the operating area, and Fletcher conducted anti-aircraft firing with the 5" and 3" guns at a sleeve towed by a aircraft from the Pearl Harbor utility squadron. Fletcher then proceeded to an area where and AD12 aircraft was searching to assist. Fletcher then proceeded to rendezvous with U.S.S. Rendova ( CVE114). Fletcher assumed rescue station 1 as plane guard for Rendova.  At 2340, Rendova had a plane go in the water. Fletcher proceeded to the crash site and lowered its whaleboat to search.

Thursday 7 January, USS Edmonds (DE 406) joined the search for the downed pilot. At 0815, Fletcher set plane guard detail. At 0905, Rendova commenced air operations. At 1603 air operations ceased and Fletcher was joined by O’Bannon with Fletcher to starboard of Rendova, and O’Bannon to port of Rendova. At 1830 Fletcher took plane guard 1 on Rendova.  At 1854, air operations began, and at 1915, the barrier on Rendova fouled and air operations were halted but resumed at 1924, and were completed at 1934. Air operations continued at intervals through out the evening.

Friday 8 January, Fletcher was maneuvering at various courses and speeds to act as target for tracking drills by Rendova.  At 0100, Fletcher was detached from Rendova.  In the morning, Fletcher proceeded to berth M2 at Pearl Harbor and refueled from the pier.

Monday 11 January, Fletcher got underway from berth M2 and joined the screen formation for Rendova and TG 58.8 . Shortly afterward, Fletcher proceeded to recover a practice torpedo with it’s whaleboat.   At 1415, O’Bannon, Edmonds, and USS McGinty (DE 365) were detached to conduct a search attack unit about 10 miles away. Fletcher was plane guard for Rendova the remainder of the night.

Tuesday 12 January, Fletcher in company with Rendova, O’Bannon, McGinty, Edmonds, USS Silverstein (DE 534) and USS Munro (DE 422) continued operations in the area south of Oahu.  Fletcher, O’Bannon, and Silverstein detached to form search attack unit with Fletcher in command. The unit conducted simulated attacks on a submarine. The unit returned to the formation and Fletcher detected a submarine while in the bent line screen. Fletcher made runs on the submarine, then proceeded to recover practice torpedo. While recovering the whaleboat, the line on the forward fall parted. The fall was repaired and the boat recovered.  Fletcher then joined O’Bannon The task force continued to conduct anti-submarine exercises with the Rendova and it’s aircraft.

Wednesday 13 January, Fletcher continued ASW operations with TF 58.8, conducting simulated attacks on submarines. At 1726, received helicopter hovering over fantail and transferred guard mail.  At 2333, sonar contact was detected and Fletcher proceeded to attack. Contact was evaluated as non-submarine.

Thursday 14 January, TF58.8 continued to conduct ASW operations 

Friday 15 January, Fletcher continued operations with CTG 58.8 including USS Rendova, CVE 114, an USS O’Bannon DDE 450 and USS Silverstein, DE 534.  Fletcher received helicopter on fan tail for guard mail transfer. Other ships involved in exercises were USS Munro, DE 422, USS McGinty DE 365, USS Edmunds, DE 406  At completion of exercises, Fletcher entered Pearl Harbor.  Fletcher moored at H-1 at the Naval Supply Depot, Pearl Harbor. ComCortDesRon 1 transferred his flag to USS Carpenter (DDE 825). Fletcher took on fuel, then proceeded to M 4 mooring starboard side to O’Bannon.

Monday 18 January, Fletcher got underway and joined DESDIV 172.  Fletcher and USS Shields (DD 596) detached and conducted exercises. Fletcher returned to M-3, Pearl Harbor starboard side to O’Bannon.

Tuesday 19 January, Fletcher proceeded to the submarine operating area and acted as target for USS Caiman (SS 323) and USS Bugara (SS 331). At 1542 completed the exercises and released the submarines. Returned to Berth M3 and moored starboard side to McGinty.

Wednesday 20 January, Fletcher got underway and rendezvoused with Bugara and Caiman to provide services for them. Fletcher then returned to Berth M3 starboard of O’Bannon.

Thursday 21 January, Fletcher underway for firing exercises of main and secondary batteries. Then Fletcher rendezvoused with the submarine SSK-2, and conducted operations. Fletcher then conducted exercises with Munro and USS Queenfish (SS351)

Friday 22 January, Fletcher proceeded into Pearl Harbor Able docks to off-load observers, then proceeded back to the operating area to conduct AA firing drill. Fletcher then returned to Pearl Harbor Naval Supply Depot Berth H-2 to take on fuel. After refueling, Fletcher moved to berth Sail 12 at Pearl Harbor Submarine Base outboard of Carpenter.

Friday 29 January, Fletcher got underway and moved to Berth H-1 to refuel. 0800 Fletcher proceeded out of the harbor and proceeded to pier 2 at Hilo Hawaii, T.H.

Monday 1 February, Fletcher got underway from Hilo Hawaii, T.H. for Kahoolawe Island, T.H.

Tuesday 2 February, Arrived at Smugglers Cove, Kahoolawe Island, T.H. A whaleboat was sent to U.S.S. O’Bannon (DDE450). After recovering the whaleboat, Fletcher proceeded to Fire Support Area 1. And commenced called fire support exercises. Firing exercises were continued until 2325. Fire support was being called by 1st ANGLICO on Kahoolawe Island. 

Wednesday 3 February, Fletcher continued fire support activities and was detached at 1019. Fletcher proceeded to Pearl Harbor, while making a knuckle in the water and conducted simulated sonar attacks and firing of 7.2 “ plaster load projectiles.  Fletcher proceeded into Pearl Harbor and moored to Berth M-2

Thursday 4 February, Fletcher got underway and proceeded to the submarine operating area where she provided services for USS Queenfish (SS 393).  At 1203 Fletcher received Retriever Craft 2 from the U.S. Submarine Base, Pearl Harbor T.H.  After the craft departed, Fletcher began to conduct ASW exercises with USS Besugo (SS 321). At 1447, Besugo surfaced and Fletcher proceeded to Pearl Harbor, mooring to Berth M-2.

Friday 5 February, Fletcher got underway and conducted ASW exercises with USS O’Bannon (DDE 450) and USS Besugo (SS 321). Fletcher then proceeded to Pearl Harbor and moored port side to Berth M-2. 

Saturday 6 February, Fletcher remained moored at M-2.  Fletcher rendered honors to USS Helena (CA 75) standing into the harbor.

Monday 8 February, Fletcher was ready duty destroyer. 

Wednesday 10 February, USS O’Bannon moored outboard. Capt. R.V. Hull COMCORTDESRON One broke his flag in Fletcher.  Fletcher got underway to conduct structural tests.  Dropped 11 depth charges MK 9 at 50 feet for the test.  Lost lube oil to port shaft and had to lock that shaft.  Repair was made, and Fletcher proceeded to Pearl Harbor and moored to M-2. USS O’Bannon moored along side to starboard.

Thursday 11 February, O’Bannon got underway, then Fletcher proceeded to West Loch to the U.S. Naval Ammunition Depot, Oahu, T.H.  Fletcher off loaded all ammunition, then proceeded to Berth H-2 Pearl Harbor and off loaded fuel, fog and diesel oil.

Friday 12 February, Fletcher completed off loading diesel oil. Fletcher then proceeded to Berth B-12 ½ in the U.S. Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor, T.H. and began receiving all services from the dock.

March 13 through May 7, The French battled the Vietnamese at Dien Bienphu. President Eisenhower, while declaring on March 24, that the defeat of Communist aggression in Indochina, Burma, Thailand or elsewhere in Southeast Asia was of crucial importance to the United States, declined to use American Air Power to relieve the siege of Dien Bienphu.

Saturday 13 February - 21 March, Fletcher remained moored in the Naval Shipyard, receiving repair services from the yard.

Monday 22 March, Fletcher was moved to drydock Number 2 with tugs and pilot.

Wednesday 24 March, USS Nereus (AS 17) placed in drydock forward, and USS Whitehurst (DE 634) alongside to starboard.

Friday 25 March - 19 April, Fletcher remained in dry dock for hull refinishing and other repairs. 

Tuesday 20 April, Fletcher left drydock and moored to Berth B-17 U.S. Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor, T.H.

(Editorial note: While cleaning tubes in one boiler, a wire brush became stuck.  Ball bearings were put in the tube to force it out. When this was unsuccessful, Monel plugs were put in the ends of the tube.  Because the tube had not been vented, when the boiler was put into use, the plugs came loose and ball bearings were wedged in a number of tubes. This required retubing the boiler while the ship was in the shipyard.)

Wednesday 21 April, Captain R.V. Hull COMCORTDESRON One broke his flag in Fletcher

Thursday 22 April, COMCORTDESRON One struck his flag on Fletcher and broke it on USS Carpenter (DDE825)

Saturday 1 May 1954, Fletcher moved from Berth B17, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, to Berth H1 at the Naval Supply Center by tugs, and refueled, then moved by tugs and pilot to Berth B17 at the Pearl Harbor Naval Station.

Monday 3 May, COMCORTDESRON moved his flag to USS Fletcher from USS Carpenter.

Friday 14 May, USS Wedderburn DD684 moored alongside to port.

Saturday 15 May, USS Wedderburn got underway.

Friday 21 May, COMCORTDESRON One shifted his flag to USS Renshaw DDE499. Fletcher got underway for sea trials after the extended period in the Pearl Harbor shipyard. Completed sea trials and returned to Pearl Harbor Berth B17

Editorial comment (On 4 June, 1954, The 1954 Geneva Conference divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel.  The French government and Vietnam royalty signed treaties for the complete independence of South Vietnam in “free association with France”.)

Saturday 5 June, Fletcher moved by tugs and pilot to Berth H3 at the Naval Supply Center for refueling, then back to Berth B17 at the Pearl Harbor Shipyard.

Thursday 10 June, Fletcher sustained electrical fire in emergency generator room.  Repairs made to solenoid.

Friday 11 June, Fletcher got underway for sea trials, and to swing the compass, then returned to Berth B17.

Monday 14 June, Captain R. Hull returned from leave CONUS and assumed COMCORTDESRON One and COMCORTDESDIV Eleven, and transferred his flag from Fletcher to Carpenter. Had a fire in air casing of No. 2 boiler. 

Wednesday 16 June, Fletcher got underway and moored at Berth W2 at the ammunition depot, West Loch, Pearl Harbor to refill out all ammunition allowance. Pilot and tugs used. Returned to Berth B17 at the Pearl Harbor Shipyard.

June 19, French Premier Mendes-France conferred with Cho En-lai on the basic lines of a settlement in Vietnam.

Friday 18 June, Fletcher got underway to test fire guns and swinging the ship for gyro compass check. Conducted abandon ship drills, then returned to Berth M3 starboard side to USS Radford DDE446.

Monday 21 June, Fletcher took on Fleet Training Group observers, got underway, conducted general quarters drill, plane guard drill, steering casualty drill, and returned to Berth M3 alongside Radford.

Friday 25 June conducted in port General Quarters drills.

Monday 28 June, Fletcher got underway and conducted firing at sled target towed by USS Sunnadin ATF 127, then returned to Berth M3 Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

Tuesday 29 June, Fletcher got underway and conducted anchoring and man overboard drills, then returned to Berth M3 Pearl Harbor. 

Wednesday 30 June, Fletcher got underway and conducted anti aircraft exercises, firing at a towed sleeve.  Also conducted steering casualty drills, then returned to Berth M1 Pearl Harbor, port side to USS Radford DDE 446.

Thursday 1 July, 1954, Fletcher got underway and conducted full power run, steering casualty drills and engineering drills, then returned to Berth M1, Pearl Harbor.

Friday 2 July, Fletcher got underway and conducted course clock drills, then conducted ASW exercises with USS Greenfish SS351.  Then conducted collision drill, then returned to Berth M1, Pearl Harbor, and took on fuel.

Saturday 3 July, Fletcher got underway and launched tri-plane buoy for torpedo firing from starboard tube.  Recovered buoy, then returned to Pearl Harbor and moored starboard side to USS Taylor DDE468 in Berth B23.

Tuesday 6 July, Captain R.V. Hull shifted his flag to Fletcher. 1632 lost electrical power, as switchboard shorted out. After several power failures, power was restored at 1950.

Wednesday 7 July Fletcher and USS Taylor DDE 468 were moved from Berth B23 to Berth B24 by tugs YTB 520 and YTB 220.

Monday 12 July COMCORTDESRON ONE shifted his flag from Fletcher to USS O’Bannon. Fletcher took on Underway Training Group. Fletcher then conducted ASW drills with USS Tang SS563 in operating area S-2. Held electrical power casualty drills for CIC and bridge. Then conducted engineering drills.  Fletcher then returned to Berth M4 starboard side to USS O’Bannon DDE 450, and refueled.

Tuesday 13 July, Fletcher got underway and conducted replenishment and refueling exercises with USS Elkhorn AOG7. Fletcher then conducted towing exercise, towing USS Elkhorn AOG7. Elkhorn then conducted towing exercise of Fletcher.  Fletcher then conducted refueling exercise with Elkhorn.

Wednesday 14 July, Fletcher returned to Berth A13 U.S. Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor. Fletcher then got underway, conducted engineering casualty drills on starboard and port shafts.  Conducted other engineering drills, man overboard drill, launched and recovered whaleboat. Fletcher then moored starboard side to USS O’Bannon in Berth M4.

Thursday 15 July, Fletcher got underway and exercised the crew at General Quarters and man overboard drills. Fletcher conducted firing exercises at General Quarters. Conducted streaming fanfare gear drills. Fletcher then returned to moor starboard side to USS O’Bannon in Berth M4.

Friday 16 July Fletcher got underway and conducted various engineering and damage control drills. Fletcher then returned to Pearl Harbor and moored starboard side to S12 U.S. Naval Submarine Base.

Saturday 17 July, Fletcher got underway and conducted firing of torpedo from port side tube. Fletcher then returned to Pearl Harbor and moored starboard side to USS O’Bannon in Berth M4.

Monday 19 July, Fletcher got underway and proceeded to Smugglers Cove, Kahoolawe Island, T.H. Fletcher sent ANGLICO shore fire control party ashore by whaleboat. Commence shore bombardment exercises.    

Tuesday 20 July, completed firing exercises and anchored to recover ANGLICO unit. Then returned to Pearl Harbor mooring port side to USS Jenkins DDE 447 at Berth M.

July 20, The Geneva Convention agreed to an armistice which divided Vietnam into Northern and Southern Parts with elections to be held in two years under supervision of Poland, Canada, and India.

Wednesday 21 July, Fletcher got underway and conducted dual ship attacks on submarine. Fletcher then returned to Pearl Harbor and moored port side to USS Jenkins DDE 447 in Berth M1.

(Editorial comment: On this day the Geneva Conference agreed to an armistice in Indochina and the division of Vietnam into Northern and Southern Parts.)

Thursday 22 July, Fletcher got underway and conducted dual ship ASW drills with USS Taylor DDE 468 and SSK-3. Fletcher then returned to Berth M1 Pearl Harbor.

Friday 23 July, Fletcher got underway. Fletcher lost steering control and steered by indicator. Broke breakdown flag.  Casualty was restored, and Fletcher then fired 11 Mark 6 depth charges. Fletcher then returned to Pearl Harbor, Berth B24.

Monday 26 July, Fletcher got underway from Berth B24 with pilot and YTB 262 and YTL159 and moved to Berth B15 in the Naval Shipyard port side to USS Jenkins DDE447.  After connecting shore electrical power cables, EM3 Eugene Holland was closing the connection box cover in the after officers passageway B-119-ACEL. Engineering was matching phases of the ship’s generator to the shore power. The box exploded in fire, burning Holland and setting his clothes on fire. He ran to the after engine room, and the fire and the resultant fire there and his shirt which was on fire were extinguished by ships forces and U.S.Naval Shipyard fire department personnel. Holland received emergency first aid aboard, and then was transferred to Tripler Army Hospital for treatment of his burns.  All magazines were inspected for fire, and found secure.  Shipyard investigation revealed that the Bakelite insulators in the box had deteriorated with age and broke down in the initial phase mismatch.

Tuesday 30 July, COMCORTDESRON ONE shifted his flag to USS Carpenter DDE825.

Wednesday 4 August 1954, Fletcher got underway and proceeded to Smuggler Cove, Kahoolawe Island, T.H. to put ANGLICO unit ashore. Fletcher then commenced shore fire exercises.

Thursday 5 August, completed shore fire exercises and recovered ANGLICO unit.  Fletcher then proceeded to Berth M2, U.S. Naval Base, Pearl Harbor T.H.  Ruptured fuel hose while taking on fuel spraying oil on MT 51, forecastle and number 2 and 3 mooring lines. 

Friday 6 August, Fletcher got underway with pilot and YTL 455, and proceeded to Naval Ammunition Depot Berth W3, to take on full ration of ammunition. Fletcher then got underway with aid of YTL159.  Moored port side to Berth M2, U.S. Naval Base Pearl Harbor, T.H.

Monday 9 August, Fletcher got underway in company of CORTDESDIV 11 less O’Bannon, en route to Yokosuka Japan, via Midway Island.

Tuesday 10 August, CORTDESDIV 11 conducted division drills while en route. Radford had engineering casualty and dropped out of formation. Fletcher then had fuel line suction problem and dropped out of formation.  Radford and Fletcher repaired problems and returned to formation.

Wednesday 11 August, Fletcher tested 5 inch and 3 inch VT fuses, then returned to the formation.

Thursday 12 August, CORTDESDIV 11 less O’Bannon entered harbor at Midway Island and moored port side to USS Carpenter DDE825 at Pier 1 for refueling.  CORTDESDIV 11 less O’Bannon then got underway.

Friday 13 August, 1954 (Editorial comment: The Supreme governing body of Communist China approved a call for a determined drive to win Taiwan.)

Saturday 14 August, Fletcher conducted VT fuse firing exercise, 5"-38 and 3"-50

Sunday 15 August Conducted transfer at sea of personnel with USS Radford DDE446. Transferred COMCORTDESRON ONE to USS Carpenter DDE825 by high line.

Monday 16 August, CORTDESDIV 11 less O’Bannon conducted tactical drills.

Thursday 19 August, 0148 Sighted Nojima Saki Light. 0557 Passed through submarine nets in Tokyo Bay  0810 Moored starboard side to USS Carpenter in Berth D12, Inner Harbor, Yokosuka Japan. USS Radford DDE 446 moored to port side.

Saturday 21 August, CORTDESDIV 11 Less O’Bannon got underway from Yokosuka Japan proceeding to Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippine Islands.  Took lifeguard station astern of Carpenter and Radford for personnel transfer.  Went alongside Radford for personnel transfer.

Sunday 22 August, Conducted high line personnel transfers with Carpenter and Radford

Monday 23 August, Passed Buckner Bay, Okinawa, staying outside the 100 fathom curve. Conducted sinuous clock steering drills.

Tuesday 24 August, 1840 darkened ship.2140 Sighted Cape Bodinio light. 2310 sighted Hermana Mayor Island light. 

Wednesday 25 August, 0500 entered Subic Bay. Went alongside Starboard side of USS Navasota AO106 Completed refueling and got underway, standing out of the harbor. Conducted General Quarters drill.  Formed bentline screen on USS Philippine Sea CVA 47 with Carpenter, Radford, USS Tucker DDR875 and USS McKenzie DD832 in the South China Sea. OTC is CTG 70.2 in Philippine Sea. CVA 47. Philippine Sea began flight operations, Fletcher as plane guard Flight ops began at 0716 and completed at 1520 Also conducted atomic blast drills. 1833, took plane guard detail on USS Yorktown CVA 10 At 2210, Philippine Sea began flight operations. 

Thursday 26 August, At 0015, USS Tucker DDR 875 and USS MacKenzie DD835 detached to recover man overboard from USS Philippine Sea CVA 47. At 0118, man was recovered by Tucker. Fletcher assigned as plane guard for Philippine Sea. Task group exercised atomic blast drills.  Fletcher then assumed plane guard on Yorktown, then Philippine Sea. A Seaman used a razor to inflict wound to himself on left forearm with a razor blade with suicidal intent. He was placed under watch.

Friday 27 August, USS Stembel DD644, USS Brown DD546, USS Bradford DD545 joined the formation. 1823, USS Monssen DD836, USS Remey DD688, USS Wadleigh DD689 and USS Young DD793 joined the formation.  Fletcher detached to investigate object in water. Object recovered by Fletcher whaleboat was weather balloon.  Task Group again conducted atomic attack drills. Carriers conducted air operations day and night..

Saturday 28 August, Task Group consists of two CVAs, and 14 destroyers.  Went alongside USS Mount Katmai AE 16, and USS Navasota AO106, then USS Graffias AF29 for replenishment, then transferred U.S. mail to USS Stembel DD644 by light line transfer.

Sunday 29 August, USS Boxer, CVA 21 joined the formation.  Formation now consists of 3 CVAs, 11 destroyers. 2015 Fletcher detached to take radar picket station 180 T, 40 miles from formation.

Monday, 30 August, on radar picket station in South China Sea..  1200 Visibility reduced to 4000 yards.  1401 visibility increased to 4 miles. 1620 Visibility reduced to 1000 yards.

Tuesday 31 August, returned to formation.  (3 CVAs, 11 destroyers) Replenished from USS Navasota AO 106. Detached from TG 70.2. Formed two ship bent line screen on USS Boxer CVA21 with USS Tucker DDR 875. Boxer had requested Fletcher and one other destroyer as escort.  Boxer and Tucker proceeded into Manila Bay.  Fletcher detached and proceeded independently to Subic Bay, Luzon Philippine Islands.  Moored to buoy 8. USS Carpenter DDE825 moored to port side.

Wednesday 1 September, Fletcher got underway and went to Alava Docks alongside USS Duncan DDR 874.  Had to wait an hour before going alongside because tug boat captain could not be found to move his tug from side of Duncan.

Editorial comment: “On Sept 3,1954, The Peoples Republic of China began to shell Quemoy, a small island off the east coast of China which was still occupied by Nationalist forces. In response, the next day (September 4, 1954), President Eisenhower ordered the 7th Fleet to waters off China to prevent a communist invasion of Taiwan.  The result of the crisis was a Mutual Defense Treaty between The United States and Taiwan.” (From Navy Times, 14 June 2004)

Saturday 4 September, used tug and pilot to shift nest and allow USS Orga AVP49 next to pier. Fletcher then got underway to join JTG 70.2 in the South China Sea.

Sunday 5 September, joined JTG 70.2. Ships in formation were USS Yorktown CV10, USS Boxer, CV21, Carpenter, USS Stemble DD644, USS Young DD 793, USS Hale DD 642, USS Abbot DD769, Formation conducted flight ops all day. Fletcher received helicopter for personnel transfer.  Fletcher went alongside USS Navasota AO 106 for refueling.  Returned to formation. USS Hornet CVA 12 had joined the formation as well as USS Benham DD796, and USS Hunt DD674.

Monday 6 September, 1212 Fletcher detached to investigate plane crash, about 10 miles away.  Fletcher assumed plane guard duty on one of the carriers.  Fletcher then received guard mail by helicopter.

Fletcher then detached to escort and screen USS Platte AO 24 and USS Yorktown CVA10 while refueling. Yorktown went alongside USS Platte AO24 for refueling. Fletcher and Yorktown returned to formation.  COM 7th Fleet had joined formation on board USS St. Paul CA 73.

Tuesday 7 September, Formation consisted of Yorktown, Hornet, Boxer, St. Paul, Carpenter, Fletcher, USS Benham DD796, Young, Abbot, Monssen, Duncan, Remey, and Hunt. USS Wadleigh DD689 came alongside Fletcher to port side to make light line transfer. Fletcher then went alongside USS Platte AO24 to refuel, then returned to the formation.

September 8, The Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty was signed by the United States, Great Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, and Pakistan.

Wednesday 8 September, USS ST Paul CA73, and USS Abbot DD796 left the formation. Carriers continued to conduct flight operations. USS Radford DDE 4446 came alongside Fletcher for personnel transfer, then USS Stembel DD644 came alongside to port for personnel transfer.  Fletcher then took plane guard station on Yorktown. 1840 St Paul rejoined formation.  2130 St. Paul left formation.

Thursday 9 September, TG 70.2 now made up of Hornet, Boxer, Yorktown, Carpenter, Fletcher, Stembel, Young, Benham, Remey, Abbot, Monssen, Radford, Wadleigh.  Fletcher assumed plane guard on Boxer.  Fletcher then went alongside USS Platte AO24 for refueling. USS Sutherland DDR743 refueled and detached. USS ST Paul CA73 returned to formation.  Fletcher detached for Subic Bay for repairs on second effect of evaporators.

Friday 10 September, entered Subic Bay harbor and moored starboard side to USS Wadleigh DD689 in Berth 19 for evaporator repairs.. Wadleigh is moored starboard side to USS Frontier AD25.  Wadleigh got underway after Fletcher was breasted out by YTB 267 and YTL 456.

Tuesday 14 September, Fletcher got underway and alongside USS Caliente AO54 to refuel, then proceeded to sea to rejoin TG 70.2.

Wednesday 15 September, Rejoined TG 70.2 consisting of St Paul, Yorktown, Boxer, Hornet, Radford, Stumble, Fletcher, Hale, Abbot, Young, Remey, Monssen and Wadleigh. Souther land rejoined formation.

Thursday 16 September, TG 70.2 joined fueling group consisting of USS Coolant AO53, USS Passumpsic AO 107, USS Jupiter AVS8, and USS Titania AKA 13. Fletcher took life guard station astern of Hale. USS Aludra AF55 joined formation. 

Friday 17 September, Formation consists of USS Yorktown CV 10, USS Hornet CV 12, USS ST Paul CA73 with Com 7th Fleet embarked, USS Aludra AF55. Twelve ship concentric screen consisting of USS Remey DD688, USS Wadleigh DD869, USS Young DD793, USS Stumble DD644, USS Radford DDE446, USS Fletcher DDE445, USS Carpenter DDE825, USS Souther land DDR743, USS Hale DD642, USS Abbot DD629, USS Benham DD769, USS Monssen DD798, Fletcher went alongside Aludra for refueling.  Aludra and and Monssen left the formation. DESDIV 342 detached from formation.

Saturday 18 September, Formation consisted of St Paul, Yorktown, Hornet, Carpenter, Radford, Stumble, Hale, Abbot, Benham, Fletcher. DESDIV 131 less USS Blue DD744 joined the formation. Abbot detached to refuel.  USS McKean came alongside for highline transfer.1622 received helicopter from Hornet. Detached with Carpenter and Radford to refuel from USS Coolant AO53. Fletcher took lifeguard detail on Coolant.

Sunday 19 September, Completed refueling. Carpenter, Radford and Fletcher departed to proceed to Yokosuka Japan. USS Boxer CVA21 joined formation. COMCORTDESRON ONE is OTC.

Thursday 23 September, Entered Yokosuka harbor after avoiding Japanese merchant vessel.  Moored in nest alongside USS Jason ARH1. Order of ships to port of Jason: USS Munro DE422, USS Balduck APD132, USS Radford DDE446, USS Fletcher DDE445, USS Carpenter DDE825. SOPA is COMCRUDIV 1 in USS Bremerton CA130.Jason put divers overside to inspect all ships sonar domes.

Sunday 26 September, YTB 414 and HM 7 and pilot MH Merrill moved Carpenter, Fletcher and Radford in a nest to Berth 8, Yokosuka Ship Yard, Japan.

Monday 27 September, YTB 518 and Mike Boat and pilot Keener moved Fletcher, Carpenter, and Radford to Berth Be alongside Jason.

(Editorial Note, Mao Tse-Tung was re elected to his top post in the Chinese Communist Government.)

Tuesday 28 September, RADM T. Burrows passed COMDESFLOT 3, aboard Fletcher going and coming.

Wednesday 29 September, COMDESFLOT 3, RADM T. Burrows came aboard and conducted working material inspection including boilers..  Tug and Pilot moved Fletcher to Berth 5 alongside USS Stumble DD644. LST 902-1 is inboard of Stumble.

Thursday 30 September, LSMR 527 moored alongside to port.

Friday 1 October, LSWMR 527 and Stumble got underway.  USS Henderson DD485 moored port side to Fletcher.

Tuesday 5 October, USS Stumble, DD 644 moored starboard side to Henderson.

Friday 8 October, Stumble got underway.  Pilot and tugs moved nest out to allow USS Radford DDE 446 to moor inboard. LST 846 moored starboard side to Henderson.

Monday 11 October, (editorial comment: Sino-Russian agreement to Russia evacuating the Port Arthur Naval base. The agreement also called for the occupation of Taiwan.)

Tuesday 12 October, Pilot and tugs breasted nest to allow Fletcher to get underway to rendezvous with TG 96.7

Wednesday 13 October, Joined TG 96.7.  Carpenter and USS Brinkley Bass DD887 detached as Surface Attack Unit., Fletcher received helicopter transfer.  USS Navasota AO 106 was guide in formation. .Fletcher ordered to take charge of Surface Attack Unit consisting of Fletcher, USS Brown DD546, and USS Duncan DDR874.  Conducted three ship coordinate anti-submarine exercises with US Tang SS563.

Thursday 14 October, Proceeding in the Bungo Suido Straits en route to Kobe Japan in company with USS Point Cruz CVE119, Carpenter, Brinkley Bass, Duncan, Bradford and Brown. Moored to buoy K5 in Kure Harbor, Honshu, Japan.  USS Bronson DD868 moored alongside to port.

Friday 15 October (editorial comment: USSR called on UN to condemn US for aggression against China for it’s support of Taiwan.)

Saturday August 16, Fletcher got underway to go alongside USS Navasota AO106 to refuel.  Fletcher then got underway and passed HMAS Frigate 535 to port.  Joined up with Carpenter. En route from Honshu Japan to South China Sea.

Monday 18 October, Conducted range estimate exercises with Carpenter. 

Tuesday 19 October, Entered Subic Bay Luzon Philippine Islands and anchored in berth 95. Got underway and moored to USS Chemung AO30, refueled and returned to berth 95 anchorage.  Got underway for operating areas Baker and Fox southwest of Subic Bay.

Wednesday 20 October,  Conducted light line transfer exercises for the OODs with Carpenter.  Conducted rubber docking exercises for OODs. Conducted firing exercises for 5"38 and 3"50 guns. 

Thursday 21 October, Conducted firing exercises of 5"38 and 3"50 guns. Carpenter came alongside for personnel transfer.  Conducted exercises with USS Caiman SS323.  1423 Aircraft launched torpedo.  Caiman surfaced and assisted in search for torpedo. Discontinued search for torpedo at sunset.

Friday 22 October, Conducted dual ship exercises with Carpenter and Caiman.  Conducted personnel transfer with Carpenter.

Saturday 23 October, Went alongside USS Chemung AO30 for refueling.  Joined  with USS Yorktown CVA10 and USS Wasp CVA18, USS Chemung AO30 and USS Cimarron AO22, USS Maddox DD731, USS Brush DD745. USS Moore DD747, USS Thomas DDR 823, USS Carpenter DDE825.  Made helicopter personnel transfer on fantail. 

Tuesday 26 October, Fletcher took radar picket station 50 miles North of TG70.2. steaming in a box course.  Fletcher rejoined TG70.2. Fletcher then conducted plane guard station on USS Wasp CVA18.

Wednesday 27 October, Fletcher received helicopter transfer Wasp and Yorktown conducting flight operations.

Thursday 28 October, refueled from USS Navasota AO 106, then provisioned from USS Regulus, AF 57, then took on ammunition from USS Paricutin AE18. 1005, made sonar contact, investigated, determined to be fish. 1019 made sonar contact, investigated, classified as fish. Fletcher and Carpenter were detached with Wasp from the TG and proceeded into Manila, Philippine Islands, mooring starboard side to Carpenter in South Harbor (Editorial comment: Fletcher had to come to a stop and maneuver several times around wreckage left over from World War 2 and possibly the Spanish American War.)  Fletcher passed Corregidor on the way in, where Fletcher received hit from shore batteries in World War 2)

Saturday 30 October. Com 7th Fleet arrived in Manila Harbor on USS Helena CA 75.

Sunday 31 October, Fletcher, Carpenter, and Radford got underway from Manila, and proceeded to Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippine Islands. Moored outboard of nest at Alava Dock. Nest consists of USS Renville APA337, USS Walke DD723, USS Small DDR 838, USS Hubbard DD748, and USS Fletcher DDE445.

Monday 1 November RPS Negeos Oriental PC26 moored port side to Fletcher, then later got underway. Com 7th Fleet arrived in Subic Bay.

Wednesday 3 November, Sludge Barge YSR 4 came alongside to port and began furnishing compressed air.  Fletcher receiving electrical power and steam from Hubbard.

(Editorial comment: Fletcher was in Naval Repair Facility, Subic Bay for boiler retubing.  The first set of tubes split when being flared in the steam drums by the repair facility.  A second set of tubes was flown out from the states, and those split also.)

4 November, Fletcher moved with YTL 369, YTL 584 and pilot.  Moored starboard side to USS Orca AVP49 alongside new Alava dock.

Sunday 7 November, Fletcher got underway to avoid typhoon in company with Carpenter, Radford, and USS Perkins DDR 877, in Typhoon Evasion Task Element Alpha.

Tuesday 9 November, Steaming with typhoon evasion group Alpha off the islands of Mindoro, Philippine Islands, and Palawan. Heavy seas from the southwest.  Proceeded to anchorage berth 108 in Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippine Islands

Wednesday 10 November, Moored in nest at new Alava dock with Orca AVP49, USS Perkins DDE877.  USS Caiman SS323 moored to starboard side.

Thursday 11 November Caiman got underway.

Friday 12 November, Floating Crane YD 115 moored aft alongside starboard side.   YD 115 got underway under tow of YTL 425 and YTL 588

Saturday 13 November, USS Orca got underway from alongside dock. Divers from USS Frontier AD25 conducted diving operations from Fletcher fantail.

Sunday 14 November, moored to Port side of USS Taluga AO62 to refuel.  Then moored port side to Radford at buoy 10.  Then underway with CORTDESDIV 11 plus USS Le Ray Wilson DE414 to avoid typhoon with Typhoon Evasion Group Alpha.

(Editorial comment: This evasion was along the Palawan Passage and off Northern Borneo.)

Tuesday 16 November, conducted guardmail transfer with USS Carpenter DDE825.

Thursday 18 November, The Typhoon Evasion Group returned to Subic Bay. Fletcher moored portside to USS Le Ray Wilson DE414 at the Alva Docks, Naval Ship Repair Facility, Subic Bay, Philippine Islands. Carpenter moored outboard and furnished steam and electrical power to Fletcher. 

Sunday 21 November, Fletcher had fire in sail locker due to burning mattress.  Carpenter got underway, and Fletcher moved alongside USS Perkins DDR 877, and began receiving steam and electrical power from Perkins. Fletcher furnished feed water to Perkins.

Monday 22 November,. Sent 14 hand working party in motor whaleboat to USS Castor

Tuesday 23 November, USS Orca and USS LeRay Wilson got underway. USS Tucker DDR 875 stood into port and moored starboard side of Fletcher. Shifted taking power from Perkins and commenced taking power from USS Tucker DDR 875.

On 23 November, A Chinese Communist military court sentenced to long prison terms 13 American airmen who disappeared on anti-Communist missions during the Korean War.

Wednesday 24 November, Orca got underway.  Receiving services from Perkins.

Monday 29 November, Fletcher got underway to the northwest with Typhoon Evasion Group Able with USS Perkins DDR 877, USS George K McKenzie DD 836, USS Floyd B. Parks DD886, USS Leonard F Mason DD854, and USS Orleck DD 884

Tuesday 30 November, Evasion Group returned to Subic Bay, anchored in berth 88, then moved to Alva Docks.

Wednesday 1 December, Moored to Alva Docks assisted by YTL 425 with Floyd B Parks, Orleck, and USS Spinax SSR489.

Thursday 2 December, Tucker moored between Orleck and Spinax.

2 December, 1954, A mutual defense pact with the United States and the Nationalist Chinese government was signed. It was confined to Taiwan and the Pescadores Islands.

Friday 3 December, Parks got underway from the nest.   USS Dixie AD14 arrived in Subic Bay and became SOPA.   Tucker and Spinax got underway.  USS Forrest Royal DD872 moored starboard side to Fletcher.  Spinax moored to Forest Royal. 

(Editorial comment: After NavShips had procured another set of tubes from various locations in the United States, the Subic Naval Ship Repair Facility split that set of tubes when flaring them. USS Dixie with a new set of tubes was sent to Subic to repair the Fletcher boiler.)

Saturday 4 December, USS Frank Knox DD742, moored between Forest Royal and Spinax.

Monday 6 December, Spinax, Frank Knox and Forrest Royal got underway.  USS Proton AKS 28 moored to starboard.

Tuesday 7 December, Fletcher moved with pilot and YTL 425 and YTB 496 to alongside USS Dixie, AD14, at buoy 19, and began receiving services from Dixie.

On December 10, the UN General Assembly voted 47-5 to condemn the Chinese Communist conviction of the American airman of spying. December 11, Secretary General Hammarskjold conferred with Premier Cho En-lai in Peking to release the prisoners.  Cho En-lai accepted the proposal on December 17.

Thursday 16 December, Dixie put diving team under Fletcher for examination underwater.

Friday 17 December, Rear Admiral Buchanan took tour of the ship. Dixie put more divers down to check hull.

Saturday 18 December, USS Tingey DD539, USS Boyd DD544, USS Yarnell DD541, USS McDermut DD677, moored in nest outboard of Fletcher.

Sunday 19 December, McDermut, Yarnell, Tingey and Boyd got underway.

Wednesday 22 December, Fletcher got underway and moored to Buoy 10.

Sunday 26 December, Got underway and moored to YON 144 to take on fuel.  YW123 came alongside to port to transfer fresh water. Fletcher then got underway for Yokosuka, Japan.

(Editorial comment: Steamed close in to coast of Luzon due to heavy seas.)

Thursday 30 December, Entered Yokosuka Harbor, anchored in Quarantine Anchorage. With pilot T.M. Keener, got underway for Berth 5. Moored outboard of USS Rupertus DD851

31 December, YO 147 came alongside to refuel Fletcher. YO 147 got underway, then USS Rogers DDR 876 moored alongside to port.

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