Bravo Piers and Merry Point, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, October 8, 1960.  This was Fletcher's home although she was not in port when this photo was taken. Destroyers visible are Epperson, Nicholas, Renshaw, Philip, Taylor, O'Bannon, Jenkins, Walker, Mullaney, Stoddard, and others plus minelayers and destroyer escorts.

USS Fletcher DDE-445 1960 History

℅ Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California

In reply refer to: DDE445/JLAM:wew, 1100, Ser: 234, 22 MAY 1961

From: Commanding Officer, U.S.S. FLETCHER (DDE-445)
To: Chief of Naval Operations (OP-09B9)

Subject: Historical data

Ref: (a) OPNAVINST 5750.7 of 9 February 1956

1.  In accordance with reference (a) the following information is forwarded:

      (a)  The present commanding officer, Commander George D. Harrelson, U.S. Navy, reported aboard and assumed command on 26 December 1959.

      (b)  Principal ship movements for calendar year 1960:
1 January to 17 October: FLETCHER was home ported in Pearl Harbor under the administrative control of Commander Destroyer Flotilla FIVE. Operations were routine type training concentrating primarily on ASW. During the month of June, FLETCHER took part in OPERATION COSMOS as one of the picket ships that formed a chain across the Pacific for President Eisenhower's flight to the Far East.
17 October to 31 December: FLETCHER was deployed to the Western Pacific as part of the SEVENTH FLEET. Operating primarily with Task Group 70.4.  FLETCHER participated in various Hunter-Killer operations and other forms of ASW.

      (c)  During 1960 FLETCHER had no major conversions and no period when she was out of service.

      (d)  No special awards were received in 1960 and there were no other noteworthy occurrences.

/s/ J. R. LANZIT

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