2019 Reunion in San Antonio

Our reunions are open to other destroyer and destroyer escort reunion groups. Fletcher, O’Bannon and La Vallette are currently hosting joint reunions and we invite other groups to join up with us. Contact us for more information and consider coming to our next reunion in San Antonio, Texas in 2019. If your group decides to, please notify us before February 28, 2019 so our reunion planners can make the necessary arrangements for the extra attendees.

Three of the DD-445 cruise books have been redone in a much higher quality format for your viewing pleasure. They are the 1966-67, 1968, and 1968-69 WestPac cruise books, Fletcher’s last three deployments before decommissioning. The other cruise books will probably be done sometime in 2019 after the webmaster obtains them. Click here for a link to the cruise book folder.

Fletcher made four separate WestPac deployments to Vietnam before her decommissioning in 1969; her first presence in the war zone was on Nov. 18, 1965 and her final trip there was on April 15, 1969. Fletcher made a total of 15 sorties to Vietnam.

Many of Fletcher’s deck logs have been uploaded to our file area. Link   Getting these logs wasn't cheap so if you're willing to help with the costs, please donate via the Buy Now link below, or mail your donation to the USS Fletcher Reunion Group, 1205 Ashford Dr, Cheyenne, WY 82007

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If you are a former crewmember of USS Fletcher, USS O’Bannon or USS La Vallette, please consider joining our group. Visit the Join page for details on how to get involved.

Membership dues, payment for goods and donations may now pay online. Please do NOT use this to pay reunion fees or fees related to the USS O’Bannon group. O’Bannon applicants, please contact your President David Heeter or your treasurer. Within the next few months we hope to have more information on this website about USS O’Bannon and possibly USS LaVallette as well. 

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